Xilotech was born in 1999 from the merging of diverse professional experiences: Digi Service, which, in 1995, was already providing support in the field of woodworking machinery, became Xilotech through the acquisition of personnel and experiences from the automation industry. The same period saw the beginning of a direct cooperation with manufacturers such as Masterwood, CMS, Wintech France, Famatec and the IGM group. Xilotech strengthened its relationship with Masterwood in particular, on behalf of which we still manage installations and provide assistance in Italy and in French-speaking countries (France, Tunisia, Swiss, Belgium etc).

Xilotech provides technical support for mechanical, pneumatic, electrical, electronic and software components. Xilotech was founded in the same period that saw the development of numerical control (NC) machines in the woodworking sector: the acquisition of experience and skills has therefore kept up with the technological advancements, creating the premises for the personnel’s optimal professional and technical growth. This translate into an undeniable convenience for the customer: for every kind of technical service, you can rely on Xilotech.

We offer our customers a lengthy experience, gained in years of activity, also in through consulting, production and feasibility studies, automation and feeding studies, or simply providing assistance in the purchase of new and used machinery. Our partnership with Wintech France (silicon injection machines), for example, is long and well established and allows us to provide both technical and commercial solutions to the customer in need of organizing an assembly line for sealing window glass panes.

Xilotech works mainly in Northern Italy and France, but also has customers in Southern Italy (De Carlo in Mottola TA, Sidel in Buonabitacolo SA, Lobascio in Bari and others) and in a few non-European countries (such as Wind Constructions in China and New Valley D’Industrie Bois Et D’Aluminium in Tunisia).

Please feel free to use our contact page: we will be happy to provide additional information.

Areas of intervention

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